Trying Something New

Welcome to my first post! I'm a person of many firsts. There's something about beginnings that offer so much hope. If you've known me before I started taking photography more seriously, you may know that I've had several career changes, had my first child, started my first blog, and freelanced as a digital marketer, before stumbling upon photography. And here I am again, taking another chance. 

 Me. Photo Credit:  @Minimalist.Aesthetics

Me. Photo Credit: @Minimalist.Aesthetics

First The Basics

As a blogger, I naturally want to come up with more topics to write about. So I created this space to talk about photography and more in depth the creative process. 

Some of the topics I cover might range from how to take photos of kids to, all you need to know about a camera to start taking professional looking photographs, from what is composition, how to pick a good location, how to find a subject, and to how to edit. These are all things I learned on my own and things I wished I had some one to talk to about. I still have a lot of questions! I just want to give people who want to give photography a try, or just want to take better photos like I did, a chance to do so. It's not as hard as you may think! There are so many different resources out there, but I'd love to share everything I've learned with someone else! If you're interested in learning together or have specific questions, please let me know in the comments. Don't be shy!

 Me. Photo Credit:  @Minimalist.Aesthetics

Me. Photo Credit: @Minimalist.Aesthetics

The Creative Process

What's my favorite thing about photography? The entire creative process. Since I'm still developing my style I've decided to stop taking paid gigs, and slowing down for a while to focus on growing in my passion - editorial. 

Starting with once a month, I'm going to try to do one collaborative editorial project. 

Sharing The Creative Process

But I'm also about getting out from behind the lens. I've always craved community and a place to share my love of creating. So I'm hoping to involve you. If you're interested in being a part of an editorial project in any way, let me know. You have a creative skill? Let me know! But if you're busy, don't want to commit, (I know I am with a kid, and don't have a lot of spare time) or not sure about what you can do to contribute, I'm going to have simple prompts at the beginning of my monthly projects.  For example, for the first project, I might already have a subject, but no location. I'll be asking for input on my Instagram. I'd love for people who have an interest in my work to be a part of it, just by answering a simple prompt. I think it would make it so much more fun and interactive! Lets change how art is made. Lets make it a social art collective. 

What do you think? Is this a totally crazy idea? I wanna know!